Sunday, January 25, 2015

Aei Dost

Joh tut jai
usko kahtai Hai dil
aur joh peth dikha Kar bhag jai
usko kahtai Hai buzdil

yari Karo aasi ki
khuda bhi dekh kar
wapis bulana na chai

dilo ko tornai sai aacha Hai jorna
joh samajh jai
usko kahtai Hai yaar hum

hastai hastai Jo rula Dai
aur rotai rotai Jo hasa Dai
usko kahtai Hai humdil

chai Jo bhi karo
Karo aachai sai aei dost
dua kartai Hai hum rojh
bass turai Khatir.


aaj kal aakailai pan ki aadat si ho gayi,
rehtai toh bahut Hai sath Mai,
magar unmai sai koi aapna Nahi.

dosti yari yeh kaha jantai hai,
enhai rishtey nebhanai kaha aatai Hai.
dil Kai rishto ko yeh muuh sai nibhatai hai,
aasu niklai hamarai toh,
yeh haaskar chalai jatai Hai.

aakailai hi aachai Hai haam,
kamsaikam char peg laga Kar rotai hua so jatai Hai.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Not sure for whom you will fall
It never looks at the age or the art, whether married or not.
It doesn't look at height
or hairs big or small.

As pure as it can be
Simple yet complicated like a labyrinth,
but should have a match of heart.

Father Unknown

A son born
A child unknown
What it goes through
I know.

Trying to find father
but no clue
whether alive or dead
is unsure.

Life is a mystery
as it unfolds
to live or to die
is unsure.

Dream Girl

Talked for ten days,
a friend I found from the stack of hay.
Crazy as it seems,
but precious like a crown.

Looked like ages have flown,
but now I look back
disheartened as I was.
It was days ten
not more to count.

Dream girl I call,
for sure it was.
not an angel but more she was.

Little she knew
as my love for her grew,
in the end only tears I knew.

5'1 in height but she could touch the sky,
4 years less then mine,
without a skirt how could she survive,
perfect delight
but sad I am as I missed the flight.

No chance of a fight,
as goodness came from her side.
but happiness is not for all,
that crown I lost.

Dream girl as I call,
will remain in my dream.
Hope to meet again,
in next birth if thats what you call.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Angels on Earth

Angel in white Angel in black
which one to choose
is a big question
creating a mess.

One is simple
One is smart
One has angelic smiles other knows how to make me laugh.

Angel in white or Angel in black.

For sure angles are both
got to feel as I can't show.
Decision is tough
White or black I'm not sure.

Want to pick both
but can't do it
as people you know.

Angel in white Angel in black
one has angelic smiles other knows how to make me laugh.
question still the same
creating a mess.

Angel in white or Angel in black
Help me out if you know them out.

Wings To Fly

I walk alone
looking at the sky
don't know when god will give me wings to fly.

Tired I'm.
want to cry
but my poor luck
even my tears have dried.

Rays of hope I try to find
happiness to survive
or pain unbearable
so that I can leave this life.

Trying hard to smile
need to carry this burden till the finish line
no hope left for me
no one by my side.

Alone I walk
looking at the sky
God give me wings
or take my life.

Can't carry it more
its hard to survive.
wings to fly is all I ask
not more to survive.

Alone I walk
Give me all or take my life.

Book Keeper

Blue star in the sky,
I think he is shy,
Doesn't shine but keeps the cycle running by.

Like a guardian sitting on a thrown,
Looking at everyone, who shows n who doesn't show.

Blue star in the sky,
Makes me wonder why,
Why blue when its in the sky.

Closed my eyes
thought for a while,
You know what
I got a smile.

Its blue as the sky,
So that it shines all the time
Keeping an eye so that we do good
and he gives us extra talk time.

Blue star in the sky,
Thank you Lord
We praise you high
I have got a smile
take some from me I can lend you for sometime.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Died today the love of my life

Died today the love of my life

Dreamt to be together,

Since we were singing nursery rhymes.

Beautiful face behind big glasses

Angel on earth more then what you can imagine.

All I wished was her forever smile

Even if it costed me my life.

But died today the love of my life.

A revenge taken on my life

With her by my side they knew

I could fight and win any devil who came in light.

They took her away

Took the power god gave.

Tears are left

Begging god please put me also at rest.

Died today the love of my life

Nothing left for me to fight.

Memories brings tears and pain

Please I don't want to survive.

God put me to rest

So that I can be on her side.

Died today the love of my life.

Died today the love of my life.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cruel World

A face for the world

A smile for others

Is there anything for self.

A degree for people you know

Salary for society

Nothing left for self

Tell me is this all worth the pain

You taken so far.

Give me a reason to carry on

This burden of world

Can't we break free

Bondages holding me.

Want some help to get free

Tell me it's not worth

Carrying the world on my shoulders.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Precious they call
I call it life
Don't know about you
But I got my facts right. 

Don't know about tomorrow 
Live for today
Don't know why
But live it like its your last day out.

You think I'm crazy
Better test it out
If you don't like it
You can fall back and drown. 

One try is all you got make it worth
I'm sure you will be found
Out of the thousands who just survive
Live whole life without being found. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We Are The I

We fly high above the sky,
On Time, Low Fares, Courteous and Hassle Free is what we provide.
Trying to make every trip of yours a great experience filled with joy.
We fly high above the sky,
With you in your happy and sad times,
Helping you whether you are old or a child.
Every I in IndiGo has got his blood blue.
We got a smile on our face,
For us it's not a race,
But blessing to contribute.
We fly high above the sky,
Taking you 35000ft high
6E boys and girls filled with delight,
Wishing you all safe flights,
And don’t forget to smile.

A girl bit shy

A girl bit shy said hi
I felt glad to hear her reply.
Became friends in just a while.
Hope it continues like this
Don't leave me nithi
I promise I would let u act shy. 

Smile that brings a smile 
Cute angel on earth 
A gift from heaven 
For the good deeds I have tried.

Teacher by profession
Loving in nature
Caring for others
Is what I like
Now tel me how
How can anyone make her cry.

Angel for sure
Cause I don't lie 
You keep smiling 
By that I will survive. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Forget me now

Made to cry 
I don't know why 
Thought U'll touch the sky
But gave you pain
Now I realize. 
Letting all go
Can't take it anymore. 
Im sorry my dear 
Please let me go. 
Forget me now
I don't want to stop you anymore.
I'm sorry,
I made u cry,
I didn't let you touch the sky.
Can't even tell you
That this is my final goodbye. 

Dard nakilta aakho sai hai

Dard kasai bayan karu
Dil Mai hota hai aur
Nikalta aakho sai hai. 
Dekh kar tujeh na janai kyu
Phirsai jenai ka je karta hai. 
Sasai na bachi
Bas kuch ratai hi bachi
Na janai kab dhal jayagi
Yeh sham ei ajnabi. 
Na bacha aab kuch
Khatam ho gaya sab kuch 
Je kai bhi aab kya faida
Jab raha na koi sukh
Bas dai raha hu tujko aur dukh. 
Bas itni guzarish hai tumse
Janai do mujeh hastai hastai
Na dekhai koi aasu merai
Kyoki yeh har kisi Kai liyai nahi nikaltai. 
Dil ka dard nikalta aakho sai hai
Baya kasai karu
Dard dil Mai hota hai 
Par nikalta aakho sai hai.