Saturday, June 18, 2011

Best Gift

This was written for me by someone special.

Thought of sharing with you all.

A person so simple,
A person so ordinary
and yet so special to me..
My friend Ashwin an angle born on 6th day of august.
With a message of love to be given to everyone.
He has a smile that reaches his eyes.
He has a heart that touches all lives...
With him I share all my secret thoughts....
With him I know what love is all about...
Imagining and dreaming about each other...
To be together and feel your heart beat ..
All I need is you indeed...

Broken Heart

Why did you break my heart
why did we fall apart
what was wrong between us
I never wanted you to part.

It was never me who wanted to say goodbye
I always wanted you to stay
so tell me baby
why did you break my heart
why did we fall apart.

I never wanted you to leave
when you said goodbye, I said please
you never understood me I guess
but baby why, tell me why did you leave.

If you want we can be one again
I am still there for you though we fell apart
if you want time, I can stay
till the time you say
but please dont leave.


Nothins is left on my side
Losing everything is what I find.
What can a person do
when there is nothing right.
The pain.....pain of losing..
Losing friends,
Losing love,
Losing life,
Is what I find.
Everything comes and goes
like an arrow from the bow.
But now I cant write anymore
so please forgive me.
Pain has covered my eyes,
and there is nothing i can see.

Bad World

Let it be,
whatever you hear or see
don't take it seriously.
Cause it hurts,
hurts really bad
like a person losing his dignity.
So my dear friend
take this very seriously.
Make this a rule in your life,
dont care about others
do and be what you want to be.
This will give you satisfaction
and make you glad.

About Nothing

Holding pen to write and you don't know why
nothing comes out from your mind.
but still you want to write
happens with me,
does it happen with you ?
Am I right ?
Right or wrong I leave it on you.
This is all that comes in my mind.
So gudnite.


God's mercies
One after one
have you thought about it?
Give it a try,
I'm sure you will realise.
Realise his greatness
and what he did for the mankind.
Wait ! are you thinking
Why am I saying this?
This will make this earth a better place to live.
For me, for you and for everyone who comes next.
If by these lines even one person realised
then my work is done here
and i'l be happy that I contributed for my heavenly fathers kingdom.