Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Now when you left me
I got so much to do .
cried first , glued myself to youtube .
had been in desert , would had been useful ,
Smoked a lot , even had a friend called alcohol too . 

Now that the tears have dried.
Youtube doesnt sing me lullaby .
I got to find the piece I left behind.
Maybe this was meant to be,
You had to go and I was supposed to be back to me.
But I wish this was not the way,
it had to be .

Gone are you and gone are my tears,   
Left with me are memories that wont disappear.

Wish I wasn't serious for you ,
wish I thought of just having fun ,
and wait for you to take a move .
Wish I never knew how to cry or make this heart of stone and die.

But its good that you are gone
i have so much to do.
Apply the lessons learnt from you .
Never sell your heart to a human even if she is an angel and you think your dream came true .  

Now that you are gone
I have so much to do.
Time to write this and publish it too .