Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Her Name

Each time I hear her name
But I don’t know why , it’s not the same
As it used to be
Back in the days when we were just friends.

I call it just friends
Cause she never showed,
Showed her love for me
Even when I wanted the most for her to say.

This love is very unfair
That’s what I can say
You give all, but
She never stays.

Even the tears are not worth wasting for her
Cause u’ll keep calling her name
But in the end it would not remain the same.

This one is not about her
It’s about you
Now even I won’t say,
Say that I love you.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Once again she did the same
I don’t know why she is behaving in such a way
She says nothing, is what to me pains
Please, someone please tell her that she has changed and no more the same.


Nothing seems to stay
Everything is going away
My friends and my love has gone away
No one her with me to stay
I’m all alone
Facing this cruel world on my own
Would I be successful or
Will I die in my way back to home.

Yes Or No

Right now waiting is what I know
I can’t even let her go
Waiting for her reply
Would it be yes or no
It its yes then its good and life goes on
But if it’s a no then I’m gona go where all those who fail in love go
Praying to god is also what I know
But this time my faith is also not so sure.

Last Wish

Today I saw you crying
And my heart felt like that I’ve lost everything
One thing, that I can’t see a girl crying
Please give me all your tears
And I’ll give you all my happiness and smile.
Smile which will never run short
And make me happy looking you smile
To make you happy is my wish
And I’ll do anything to make you smile
Even if it costs my life
Cause with you smiling makes me feel that all is right.


Don’t ever say to me that you don’t know how to smile
Cause I can’t love a girl who does not know how to smile
Smile is like a mirror, it shows whats in and what comes out.
It helped me to understand you more and more
It gives me new life when I see you smile.
Don’t ever cry in life
Cause your tears would make me feel that
I wasted all my life that I couldn’t teach you how to smile.

Endless Tears Of Sorrow

Today it will end
End what ?
My days of pleasure or sorrows
Or days of joy or sadness
I don’t know what to say to her as last words
As, if I would start there would be so many things to be said
But nothing related to goodbye.
So I have decided to give her my smile as the last gift
Which would be with her
When I would not be with her
I also don’t want anything from her now
As she has given me something
Something that will be with me forever
“The endless tears of sorrow”


I searched for you
I cried for you
But couldn’t find you
Where are you?
Have you forgotten me
Or you don’t care about me
Tell me what do you think
Do you want to be with me
Or is there someone else with whom you want to be
Is there space for me in your heart
Or is it houseful for me
I don’t want to make you remember me
If you want you can leave me
Leave me, in this world of sorrows all alone
I'l spend the rest of my life thinking of the moments we spent together
But before you go
I want to say to you
Thank you for making me feel that you loved me
And there was someone who cared about me.


There is someone in this world who would be for me
There is someone who would love to be with me
One fine day I will meet her
With joy and happiness I would call her
Call her my own very own
With whom I will live my whole life
Willing to give all sacrifices for her.


It was your prayers
Which saved my life
It was your prayers
Which gave me new life.
Now this life is yours
You can take it or make it yours.
But I would be grateful to you
Cause you prayed for my life
So now I’ll pray to God to give you long life
That you may pray for my life.
This is and would be my prayer to God.
To keep both of us together
Till the eternal life comes.