Sunday, March 23, 2014


Precious they call
I call it life
Don't know about you
But I got my facts right. 

Don't know about tomorrow 
Live for today
Don't know why
But live it like its your last day out.

You think I'm crazy
Better test it out
If you don't like it
You can fall back and drown. 

One try is all you got make it worth
I'm sure you will be found
Out of the thousands who just survive
Live whole life without being found. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We Are The I

We fly high above the sky,
On Time, Low Fares, Courteous and Hassle Free is what we provide.
Trying to make every trip of yours a great experience filled with joy.
We fly high above the sky,
With you in your happy and sad times,
Helping you whether you are old or a child.
Every I in IndiGo has got his blood blue.
We got a smile on our face,
For us it's not a race,
But blessing to contribute.
We fly high above the sky,
Taking you 35000ft high
6E boys and girls filled with delight,
Wishing you all safe flights,
And don’t forget to smile.

A girl bit shy

A girl bit shy said hi
I felt glad to hear her reply.
Became friends in just a while.
Hope it continues like this
Don't leave me nithi
I promise I would let u act shy. 

Smile that brings a smile 
Cute angel on earth 
A gift from heaven 
For the good deeds I have tried.

Teacher by profession
Loving in nature
Caring for others
Is what I like
Now tel me how
How can anyone make her cry.

Angel for sure
Cause I don't lie 
You keep smiling 
By that I will survive.