Monday, July 19, 2010


Dreams are like forest in which we lose our way
and try to find someone who could help us in such a way
that we could see our home back again.
I'm lost in this forest
no one to help me or guide me a way
Now only in God I have faith
He'll give me the strength to find or make a new way.
I know I'll reach home someday
as my mother would be waiting on the gate.


This bloody phone
rings when I want to be alone
I want some privacy
which I can't get till I'm gone.
When I want friends
then I don't have even one person's hand
what the hell is this life
we can't even die even if we try to commit suicide.
Girls come and go
like an arrow from the bow
is there any problem with me
why they don't stay with me.
I'll live my life for you
call me your own or make me shoo
I don't have anyone else except you
to whom I can go when I'm in blues
Don't walk out as I can't live without you.


Would you be my valentine
Would you be with me in my bad times
Would you love me with all your heart
without thinking of leaving me.
I promise I would be with you
from the beginning till the end
All the day thinking about you
and spending this precious life between me and you.


Please forgive me
because I know I have done wrong
I broke your heart
I made you cry
I burst on you like a nuclear bomb from the sky.
But I love you and unknowingly I hurt you.
So atleast I would like to say
Please O Please forgive me.


Pray and Pray till you get the answer to your prayers
And thank for that until your next prayer is answered.
So keep praying at all times.


When I saw Jesus standing beside me
I asked him why are you here,
Why are you disturbing me.
He said to me son I am here to bless you and keep you safe from enemies.


Without you...
I cannot sing
I cannot write
I cannot fly high
Nor can I try
But If you are with me O Lord
Then I know that
I can stand high.


When I say God be praised
When I say I get down and you may raise
When I sing songs of your praise
When I thank you for your greatness
All I want to say is
That you, only you are the God who is to be praised.


My last word would be for you
My last song would be for you
My last poem would be for you.
And as I say, I would keep on saying till the end
that I Love You.


When I think, I think about you
When I speak, I speak about you
When I pray, I pray for you
When I sing, I sing songs for you
But when I think of writing, I can't write about you
Cause you are so great that you can't be written in a piece of paper.
So I only say at that time
I Love You.


If there would be no love
then there would be no sense of living
for the love is life giving.