Sunday, January 13, 2013

Innocent Child

Child sits on his bed
Praying to god to be there on 24 th night
Lights switched off
Pin drop silence
Only noise you can hear is of the snowfall outside

See the child how he prays
So innocently and from heart
He asks for big and not expensive
And gives reasons to have it.

He demands it from god
And does not give a promise as return gift
So innocent and pure at heart he is.

Sure that gods listening to him
And smiling from above
And writing it down as there is a long list that he wants.

His prayer ends and he sleeps
And knows that it will be done
But next time when he prays
He has a new thing to add on and
Tells god to make sure he gets all

O child with pure heart
You are blessed with innocence
I'm happy to see you and try to be like you.