Thursday, August 20, 2015

You Are Mine

Trying to impress you,
make you mine forever,
i know there would be many
and I'm no where close to any.

I might lose
Atleast I tried
to catch an angel
in my heart.

Your shit sounds sweet
Your love would make me high
You being sad
makes me go mad.

Whether you hold my hand or not
I would still try
to make your world
a joy ride.

You be mine or not
Is choice of yours
I'l be yours
And baby that's for sure.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

What Has Happened

A beautiful day
sun so bright
gentle breeze
to make me realize.

Realize your promise
that you called me your child
guiding me everyday
without you how could I survive.

Hatred I see around
makes my heart sad
where has the love gone
it's not expensive that
people can't carry it around.

Thank you for your gift
gift of love, peace and caring heart
it grows day by day
as I count the beautiful days.

Your Love

In my bed I think of you
your love so unconditional
ohhhh so pure.

It makes me wonder
makes me smile and cry
You carry me around
like a new born child.

Gives me faith
Gives me hope
that I would do well
and not just survive.

Thank you for your love
unconditional and pure
May I always have the pleasure
to be called one of yours.

Stars Shining Bright

Stars shining bright
looking down at us with a smile
giving hope
keeping faith alive.

Burning for us
don't even care if its worthwhile
whether day or night
stars shining bright.

Stars shining bright
Gives me a smile
satisfaction that I'm still alive.

Thank you Lord
For being my guide
as a star shining bright
whether it's day or night.