Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dream Girl

Talked for ten days,
a friend I found from the stack of hay.
Crazy as it seems,
but precious like a crown.

Looked like ages have flown,
but now I look back
disheartened as I was.
It was days ten
not more to count.

Dream girl I call,
for sure it was.
not an angel but more she was.

Little she knew
as my love for her grew,
in the end only tears I knew.

5'1 in height but she could touch the sky,
4 years less then mine,
without a skirt how could she survive,
perfect delight
but sad I am as I missed the flight.

No chance of a fight,
as goodness came from her side.
but happiness is not for all,
that crown I lost.

Dream girl as I call,
will remain in my dream.
Hope to meet again,
in next birth if thats what you call.

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