Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lost Friend

Now when you are gone I feel the emptiness within me that can’t be filled.
No replacement I found.
All I ever wanted was you to stay next to me but now you are gone.
Gone and left me alone.
Alone in this cruel world which feels nothing.
People call me crazy and I know it true but who's to blame.
They are right.
Cause I found a diamond which was as soft and smooth as there wine.

They say that it's not possible but I say it was but now it's gone.
I can't prove it nor can the divine.
Oh God you should have been merciful on me and gave him extra life cause this is real life game and not some game from mad persons mind.
Look at his mother she is left with memories.
Memories that once made her laugh are now making her cry.
Look at his father he has grown old now with no shoulder to support or to cry on.
Look at the people who were there with him on his final journey, are left with unspoken words.
Even I had so much to say but you gave me no time.
You went like a super jet into the sky.
I wanted to pause but the remote was lost.
So I could not do anything except to stand and watch while you said goodbye.

My Friend

It was you I looked for when I needed an advice.
It was you I looked for when I needed support.
It was you I looked for when I needed a shoulder.
It was you I looked for when I needed a slap on my head.
It was you and you that I looked for.
You were right and you were somewhat right.
But now as you are gone, I am left alone.
Tell me O Dear Friend of mine.
Whom should I call, because I can’t find anyone now.

Should I go where you are resting?
Or some other place from where you are looking and testing.
I don't know what to do.

I know I promised you when I gave you earth that I’ll take care of everything.
But I need you now.
Please help me in this hour of need.
And I know you won't let me down.