Monday, March 23, 2015

An Empty Chair

Dining table with an empty chair,
what can I do, I only miss you.
I must be crazy,
but what can I do.

How would you smell,
how would you look,
would you kick me or slap me
or say nothing if i drink and smoke too.

I wish I could erase
and rewrite our story,
story of not an happy starting
but at least of an happy ending.

I know by asking for your hand
I ask much.
All I want is you to say,
son you can do it
dont take tension
I'm here to give you my hand,
you won't fall I will hold you strong
dont be afraid and go face the Storm.

It is said that search
and you might find God
but I guess its a lie
cause I dont wish for God
I wish for a human
who made me half.

An empty chair
I saw it then
I see it now.