Thursday, October 9, 2014


Not sure for whom you will fall
It never looks at the age or the art, whether married or not.
It doesn't look at height
or hairs big or small.

As pure as it can be
Simple yet complicated like a labyrinth,
but should have a match of heart.

Father Unknown

A son born
A child unknown
What it goes through
I know.

Trying to find father
but no clue
whether alive or dead
is unsure.

Life is a mystery
as it unfolds
to live or to die
is unsure.

Dream Girl

Talked for ten days,
a friend I found from the stack of hay.
Crazy as it seems,
but precious like a crown.

Looked like ages have flown,
but now I look back
disheartened as I was.
It was days ten
not more to count.

Dream girl I call,
for sure it was.
not an angel but more she was.

Little she knew
as my love for her grew,
in the end only tears I knew.

5'1 in height but she could touch the sky,
4 years less then mine,
without a skirt how could she survive,
perfect delight
but sad I am as I missed the flight.

No chance of a fight,
as goodness came from her side.
but happiness is not for all,
that crown I lost.

Dream girl as I call,
will remain in my dream.
Hope to meet again,
in next birth if thats what you call.