Friday, August 12, 2016


Likha toh bahut hai
par dil roya aabhi tak nahi.
Dekh Kar husan kisi ka
aakho sai aasu niklai kabhi nahi.
Tunai rula toh diya
woh toh sahi
par dard Jo diya
woh sahi nahi.
Jaan aapni lai lu ya teri
yeh soch Kar preshan mai hu aabhi.
Dard dono mai mujko hi hoga
aasu terai niklai ya merai
geela aangan mera hi hoga.
Roktai huhai ruktai nahi
yeh aasu merai
pagal tunai mujko kiya
aab mai yeh kisko kahu.
Hastai huai alwida kehna
yeh mujsai hoga nahi. 
Chahai toh chali ja
mai rokta nahi.
Husan kai jalwai
kisi aur ko dikha
ho sakta hai daam aacha laga dai koi.
Meri jalti Chita par mombati toh laga dai koi.
Alwida alwida
mujsai juda hokai
rooj tu aasai marai
jasai pyasa pani ko marai.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Aapko aapna bananai ki khuaish toh thi,
par dil tutnai kai dar sai judai hi sahi.

chut jata Jo haath aapka
toh je na patai,
hamnai socha ki aapka haath pakarnai ki khuaish hi sahi.

je toh laingai isi khuaish mai sahi,
aakh band karnai kai baad aapsai judai na sahi.

aapkai liyai dua hi kartai rahai,
pyaar kai badlai dua hi sahi,
aapko jahan na dai Sakai
par dua uski bhi kari.

martai daam tak hastai haam rahaingai,
martai daam tak hastai haam rahaingai,
dua mai manga hai jo aab aapkai liyai
woh martai daam tak mangtai haam rahaingai.


wafa karni toh chahi hamnai
par Kar na Sakai,
tutai hua dil ko jornai ki thi tammana,
par jor na sakai,
pyaar toh kartai hai bahut,
but izhaar Kar na Sakai.

hamai malum na tha,
aap chahti ho kisi aur ko,
hamai malum na tha,
aap chahti ho kisi aur ko
malum hota toh hastai hua
safaid kaleen ko haam aapnai khun sai laal Kar datia.

wafa karni toh chahi hamnai
par Kar na Sakai,
tutai hua dil ko jornai ki thi tammana,
par jor na sakai,
pyaar toh kartai hai bahut,
but izhaar Kar na Sakai.

aab kya mangai dua mai,
joh cha tha woh mil na saka,
aab toh rotai hua bhi bass dua yeh karai,
kush raho aap aur Saray dukh hamai milai.
jiti roho aap aur haam rozh martai rahai.

wafa karni toh chahi hamnai
par Kar na Sakai,
tutai hua dil ko jornai ki thi tammana,
par jor na sakai,
pyaar toh kartai hai bahut,
but izhaar Kar na Sakai.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Make or Break

You came in my life
And made me realize
that love is not the only thing.

I loved you for real,
thought to make you mine.
Hold your hand till I die
but I guess you wanted more.

Not more of me
but of something else in life.
Doesn't matter you make or brake.
Sadness and broken pieces I found.

It doesn't matter how long it was.
It took long to make but few moments of hatred to brake. 

Scared of dreams
cause I wished for you and me.
Walking alone makes me sad
don't know how long before I go.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

You Are Mine

Trying to impress you,
make you mine forever,
i know there would be many
and I'm no where close to any.

I might lose
Atleast I tried
to catch an angel
in my heart.

Your shit sounds sweet
Your love would make me high
You being sad
makes me go mad.

Whether you hold my hand or not
I would still try
to make your world
a joy ride.

You be mine or not
Is choice of yours
I'l be yours
And baby that's for sure.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

What Has Happened

A beautiful day
sun so bright
gentle breeze
to make me realize.

Realize your promise
that you called me your child
guiding me everyday
without you how could I survive.

Hatred I see around
makes my heart sad
where has the love gone
it's not expensive that
people can't carry it around.

Thank you for your gift
gift of love, peace and caring heart
it grows day by day
as I count the beautiful days.

Your Love

In my bed I think of you
your love so unconditional
ohhhh so pure.

It makes me wonder
makes me smile and cry
You carry me around
like a new born child.

Gives me faith
Gives me hope
that I would do well
and not just survive.

Thank you for your love
unconditional and pure
May I always have the pleasure
to be called one of yours.

Stars Shining Bright

Stars shining bright
looking down at us with a smile
giving hope
keeping faith alive.

Burning for us
don't even care if its worthwhile
whether day or night
stars shining bright.

Stars shining bright
Gives me a smile
satisfaction that I'm still alive.

Thank you Lord
For being my guide
as a star shining bright
whether it's day or night.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Question Undefined

Love is a question undefined,
I love you or not
depends on time.

Seconds I love you,
seconds I don't.
But what I think really matters is
that do I want to hold you tight.

Tight enough to leave my marks,
not on your hands
but in your heart.

Live like one
Breath like two
Show the power,
what love can do.

Love you like hell
Love you like heaven
Is crazy stuff,
I don't talk on those lines.

All I want to say
I will love you till the end
and hold you tight
tight till I die.

Live like one
Breath like two
Show the power,
what love can do.

Love is a question undefined,
I love you or not
depends on time.

Monday, March 23, 2015

An Empty Chair

Dining table with an empty chair,
what can I do, I only miss you.
I must be crazy,
but what can I do.

How would you smell,
how would you look,
would you kick me or slap me
or say nothing if i drink and smoke too.

I wish I could erase
and rewrite our story,
story of not an happy starting
but at least of an happy ending.

I know by asking for your hand
I ask much.
All I want is you to say,
son you can do it
dont take tension
I'm here to give you my hand,
you won't fall I will hold you strong
dont be afraid and go face the Storm.

It is said that search
and you might find God
but I guess its a lie
cause I dont wish for God
I wish for a human
who made me half.

An empty chair
I saw it then
I see it now.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Aei Dost

Joh tut jai
usko kahtai Hai dil
aur joh peth dikha Kar bhag jai
usko kahtai Hai buzdil

yari Karo aasi ki
khuda bhi dekh kar
wapis bulana na chai

dilo ko tornai sai aacha Hai jorna
joh samajh jai
usko kahtai Hai yaar hum

hastai hastai Jo rula Dai
aur rotai rotai Jo hasa Dai
usko kahtai Hai humdil

chai Jo bhi karo
Karo aachai sai aei dost
dua kartai Hai hum rojh
bass turai Khatir.


aaj kal aakailai pan ki aadat si ho gayi,
rehtai toh bahut Hai sath Mai,
magar unmai sai koi aapna Nahi.

dosti yari yeh kaha jantai hai,
enhai rishtey nebhanai kaha aatai Hai.
dil Kai rishto ko yeh muuh sai nibhatai hai,
aasu niklai hamarai toh,
yeh haaskar chalai jatai Hai.

aakailai hi aachai Hai haam,
kamsaikam char peg laga Kar rotai hua so jatai Hai.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Not sure for whom you will fall
It never looks at the age or the art, whether married or not.
It doesn't look at height
or hairs big or small.

As pure as it can be
Simple yet complicated like a labyrinth,
but should have a match of heart.

Father Unknown

A son born
A child unknown
What it goes through
I know.

Trying to find father
but no clue
whether alive or dead
is unsure.

Life is a mystery
as it unfolds
to live or to die
is unsure.

Dream Girl

Talked for ten days,
a friend I found from the stack of hay.
Crazy as it seems,
but precious like a crown.

Looked like ages have flown,
but now I look back
disheartened as I was.
It was days ten
not more to count.

Dream girl I call,
for sure it was.
not an angel but more she was.

Little she knew
as my love for her grew,
in the end only tears I knew.

5'1 in height but she could touch the sky,
4 years less then mine,
without a skirt how could she survive,
perfect delight
but sad I am as I missed the flight.

No chance of a fight,
as goodness came from her side.
but happiness is not for all,
that crown I lost.

Dream girl as I call,
will remain in my dream.
Hope to meet again,
in next birth if thats what you call.