Monday, February 18, 2013

City of Angels

city of angels
And angel I found.
Eyes black shining diamonds.
Hairs like river flows.
What can I say about her
Words fall short of what I saw.
Blessed by lord as I saw.

Her lips red as cherry,
Skin as cream roll.
Nose though big but
Makes me do rock and roll.

Simple for sure
Dressed in white and purple
Makes her face glow more.
Height I guess is 5'6" and waist 34
But not so sure.

Asked her little space in her heart
To store my love for her
But as thought no place
House full it is so.

Sadly I return with her name stored.
Oh God I love her.
Memories of her is what I take
And no one can take them away from me anymore.


  1. Such a beautiful words!
    Have a nice day!

  2. It's really inspiring blog! Love at the first sight <3

    Wanna follow each other with GFC? Please let me know :)


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