Tuesday, February 5, 2013

India's Daughter - Amanat - For You (Jyoti / Nirbhaya)

Walking down the lane
Dogs barking, there eyes shining.
Stuck with sudden fear
Voices far away could be heard
She keeps walking
Her home few miles away.

Fear grows
As no one is there.
What will she do if something happens.

No place safe where can she go.
What has happened
Does anyone know.

Few drunk men
Hunting for women
Thinking to have fun
Dogs I call them
Dogs I call them.

For fun they spoil a life
Which was worth millions more then there lives.
But nothing to worry
As the place where they live
Is democratic and runs on money.

Girl what can I do
I feel bad what happened with you.
Wish I could change it all.
I'm sorry your dreams won't turn true.

Time to act and not just to sit and lay back.
We need to unite and help women in this time.

Do something and show you care
Cause if not today then remember your daughter walks down the lane.
And her home is just few miles away.


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