Friday, June 8, 2012

Love & Hate

I once was asked about love and hate
Why does it look to me that hate is great.
while hate is great but nothing like love
love which is true.

If you carry hate you would be carrying lots of weight
Love is light and with that you can also fly

With hate you could make the headline
But with love you could surely save someones life.

So it seems that hate is brave but love is kind
Choose one which you think would help you in time.


  1. Nice thought... Well written. Keep penning ur thoughts only gets better and better with time... Infact, I suggest u carry a handbook..write everytime a thought comes to ur mind :))
    As for love and hate. Hate is heavy, painful and bears no fruit except more hate. Love bears more rewarding and light on the heart n conscience.. And it takes a pure heart to love even those who hate u...So well said :))

    John 15: Vs 12-- 'My command is this- Love each other as I have loved you'
    Also read 1John4:19 to 21

    Keep writing, Ashwin. God bless.

    -Pearl :))

  2. great ideas

  3. Thank you for your comment! Your blog is really lovely too!



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