Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Her Name

Each time I hear her name
But I don’t know why , it’s not the same
As it used to be
Back in the days when we were just friends.

I call it just friends
Cause she never showed,
Showed her love for me
Even when I wanted the most for her to say.

This love is very unfair
That’s what I can say
You give all, but
She never stays.

Even the tears are not worth wasting for her
Cause u’ll keep calling her name
But in the end it would not remain the same.

This one is not about her
It’s about you
Now even I won’t say,
Say that I love you.


  1. Nice attempt........hope that you execute more interesting poem next time...............

  2. Hhmmmm interesting poem ashwin... Keep it up..


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