Saturday, July 16, 2011


I searched for you
I cried for you
But couldn’t find you
Where are you?
Have you forgotten me
Or you don’t care about me
Tell me what do you think
Do you want to be with me
Or is there someone else with whom you want to be
Is there space for me in your heart
Or is it houseful for me
I don’t want to make you remember me
If you want you can leave me
Leave me, in this world of sorrows all alone
I'l spend the rest of my life thinking of the moments we spent together
But before you go
I want to say to you
Thank you for making me feel that you loved me
And there was someone who cared about me.


  1. some talent you have. enjoyed this so much! your blog is lovely. :) you have a new follower. i'd be honored if you visited me sometimes. :) havea great day!


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