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Friday, April 12, 2013

Silence a better communicator

As words are falling short
Let the silence speak
Lets it say
What needs to be said.

Something's are better not spoken
But are they being felt
Is what matters
And not what is said.

I can say a thousand words
But what silence can say
Is beyond calculations.

Leave it to the heart
Don't use your brain
Cause if you try hard
You might get a migraine.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friends-Good and Bad

People have friends
Some Good some bad
It's hard to decide which one was that.
The one who said that ours is best
But left you alone when you needed her in your bad.
Now when she is gone
She might be in peace and rest
But you are left with nothing as you thought that she cared.
Heart says cal her back
And mind says give her a tight slap
Whom should I listen to
You please give some advice
Cause I can't decide.
Now I would like to say
Thank you for your time
As you might not be the best
But surely you are not like the rest.