Monday, July 19, 2010


This bloody phone
rings when I want to be alone
I want some privacy
which I can't get till I'm gone.
When I want friends
then I don't have even one person's hand
what the hell is this life
we can't even die even if we try to commit suicide.
Girls come and go
like an arrow from the bow
is there any problem with me
why they don't stay with me.
I'll live my life for you
call me your own or make me shoo
I don't have anyone else except you
to whom I can go when I'm in blues
Don't walk out as I can't live without you.


  1. Why so much pain is there in your poems, they r nice but what happened? Is there a girl in your life?

  2. pain is there but no there is no girl in my life....:)


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