Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Now as the days are near,
Time is for rapture and fear.
Earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes
Would be seen all around,
The satan then would rise from the ground.
Christ would come soon to take his people
Who love him and the people who confessed
their sins before him.
Are you ready for the rapture????
Or are you going to stay here,
and sit on the thrown of hell which would also get captured.
Come don't waste time,
Its time to run ahead don't get left behind.
Otherwise it would be late when you will repent and will cry.


From day to night
You are my guide,
You alone I trust
And in you I am like an iron which never rusts.

In you I put all my trust and faith
Which I know will never fade.

You live in my spirit
And work in me,
You help from evils
That comes on me.

Days come and go
But you are always with me
And this I surely know.

I pray to you night and day
Asking for help throughout the day
But you say in my prayer that I will be with you throughout your life
Then why to worry about the day.


All seems to be all right
people trying to smile
everyone pretending to be happy
but somewhere inside all are worried
worried about the future
future which is uncertain
what's going to happen next, no one knows
but I guess I do know
may be not everything but somethings at least
volcanoes, earthquakes and tornadoes all are signs
of God's mighty coming
so what are you waiting for
He'll come like a thief in night
so stop sleeping in spirit and wake up, as now I am
watching and waiting for Him
so that I can go with him one day
and this one day will come very soon
cause all things can be false but
the words written in Bible can't be untrue
and that's the only thing true
this I know, and somewhere deep in your heart even you do.


The time has come for us to depart
All have different ways
Different tracks to run to get the reward
We dont know where we will end up
But one thing is for sure
That we will be friends forever
When I look back those days
I feel sad cause they will no more be the same
But are treasured in my heart
From now each day will be difficult to pass
Cause evey friend of mine is too far
I'l remember the joke we used to play
But now its all over
That time has fade away
But memories are there to keep with you
store it up in the bottom of the heart
So that you can refresh them when you are in blues.


You are the star of my life O Lord
I am closest to you no one else
You shine from my life
You be glorified not me O Lord.

You are the star of my life O Lord
As the stars shine u shine in me
You are in me O Lord
You stand beside me to guide and help me O Lord.

You are the star of my life O Lord
I thought I have lost you but
I was wrong because you dont leave anyone alone O Lord
No one is like you O Lord.

Lord I gain you or not but
I pray that please help me in the times of darkness
This is my last prayer from u O Lord
Listen to it please O Lord.


Like the blue star in the sky,
U shine all day and night,
U never fall from the sky,
O GOD u are so high.

Like the blue star in the sky,
U help me from the lies,
U fulfil all my needs,
O GOD u are my friend indeed.

Like the blue star in the sky,
U are my friend though u are so high,
U died on the cross for my life,
O GOD u are to be glorified.

Like the blue star in the sky,
U rose on third day for my might,
U teached me how to live this life,
O GOD u are the creator of my life.